Letter from the President

     Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to BIRS, Inc., formerly Burlington Industries Roofing Service.  BIRS, Inc. was originally started in 1979 as a division of Burlington Industries to provide roof inspection, roof maintenance, and reroofing services to Burlington's 33MM square feet of plants.  In 1984 the division expanded its clientele to include owners throughout the Southeastern United States.  The business was then purchased from Burlington Industries in 1988.

     We are a roof inspection, roof repair, and reroofing company whose primary business is using small repair crews to extend the service life of older roof systems, allowing a building owner to defer significant reroofing expenditures.  Once a roof is no longer in a maintainable condition, we also have larger reroofing crews that are capable of installing conventional built-up roofs or single-ply roof systems. 

     BIRS crews annually install $8MM worth of repair and reroofing work.  As a full service roofing company, BIRS inspectors are "grown" through operations until they serve in the inspection department.  This insures that our inspectors are experienced in knowing how reroofing should be done and in knowing which roofs can be maintained cost effectively.

     Our staff of fifty inspection, maintenance and roofing personnel are ready to assist you with any of your roof related needs.  If you have a roof that you would like us to inspect to determine what could be done to extend its service life, please feel free to give us a call at (336) 574-3060.


 Raven L. Broeker, President

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